Hey agents, you've made a great decision to hire a professional photographer for your listing & we THANK YOU for selecting CFX Photo!

To prepare you as well as your client, here are a few details we ask you to be mindful of:

Kindly give us about 24-48 hours notice to accommodate your listing.

Let us know on how to access the property:

  • if you are planning to meet us there
  • providing the CBS code for the Supra
  • if it is on a lockbox

If you are going to meet us there, with the client home, please have them move the cars out of the driveway.

  • Turn on all the lights, including the lamps. (Unless the lamps don't have bulbs)
  • Turn off all the fans.
  • Open all the blinds.
  • Clear counter tops.
  • Clear clean & dirty laundry from the laundry room.
  • Have pets put away.

What we typically photograph is:

3-4 of the front exterior.

3-4 of the living areas & kitchen.

2-3 of the dining areas.

2-3 of the Primary Bedroom

3-4 of the Primary Bathroom (if possible)

1-2 of each bedroom

1-2 of any additional rooms such as laundry, office, media room, bonus rooms.

3-4 of back yard.

Garages are photographed upon request only.

Please give us notice if there are any additional photos out of the usual that need to be photographed.

As noted on the website, we will charge a $50 fee if we arrive & the house is not ready & has to be rescheduled.

  • There will be a $25 fee applied if the house is not ready & we are able to wait, up to 30 minutes.
  • There will be a $30 fee applied if cancelled within 6 hours of the homes appointment time.

You will receive an email to confirm the appointment. If no reply to confirm, reschedule or cancel, the house will NOT be on the schedule.

We invite you to visit our other blogs: PREPARING YOUR HOME & QUICK PREP for some ideas to share with your homeowner to help everyone for the best sale.

After the photo session, we will have the edited stills to you the next business morning, unless otherwise informed.

Thank You!

Original Post Date June, 3, 2020