Your Landlord is Selling

Probably not what you want to hear, but know that it is not necessarily a bad thing, but change happens, as we all know. And if you are reading this, they have hired a professional photographer to take photos of their property to list online.

Here are a few tips to help with preparation from the photography aspect, which will showcase your home.

First, your landlord wants to make this an easy transition for you, the new owner and themselves. The most efficient way to do that is to have your property looking its best. This will make my interruption to your day move quicker as well as present the property at it's best, bringing in the right investors.

Clean off your counter tops in your bathrooms and the kitchen. Yes, you may use your coffee maker every day and even your hairspray, but by having as much counter space cleared will showcase the space and not deter the eye from the overall view of the room. A quick move of them to the cabinets is all we need.

Remove any large hanging towels and pull up any small area rugs in both the kitchen and bathrooms.

Replace any burnt bulbs and put bulbs in open receptacles. Plug in lamps and make sure they have bulbs as well or simply remove them.

Tidy up your laundry room. It's easy to store a lot of bulk items but it's a room that gets photographed and needs to look its best.

Your primary closet might get a snapshot so tidy the clothes, shoes and put away any valuables. Remember, these photos are going on the internet. (We can also skip the primary closet if you prefer.)

Remove anything from the driveway and yard, such as an unused car, trailer, and trash cans, also put toys in the garage.

Just these few little things prior to my arrival will help me get in and out quickly, and present your home at it's best.

Thank You!