Hey, first off, Thank You!

Thank you for trusting me to photograph your listing. I greatly appreciate the opportunity & your business. Here's a little idea of the process.

Book your listing online via our website & with the photographer that covers your area OR contact me via email at carrie@cfxphoto.com or text 817-223-6950. I don't mind a text either but if it is after 6pm, I may not respond until the next morning.

If you schedule online, select or fill in all your details for your request. If there are any questions about the selections, date or time, please reach out ASAP.

Once you complete the order, you will receive a confirmation email.

After the listing is photographed, all media will be loaded into the gallery for your project the next morning. Video delivery takes appx. 2 days.

Some things to note, before we arrive to photograph your listing:

please share with your clients our blog created on how to prepare their home for photos. Find the links here! This is so that we can be in & out of their hair, 'er home, as soon as possible.

Ya, I know, that's a lot of information. But once we work together a few times, it will flow really easy.

To condense the above, here is the flow:

  • Schedule appointment
  • Photograph listing
  • Photos are edited
  • You're notified they are ready to view.
  • Close the invoice
  • Download the photos
  • List the property
  • You get tons of inquiries
  • House is sold. Ya!

Rinse & repeat!

Original Post made June 2021