The Story

What's my story? I've always been a hobbyist phtographer and a creative but I tend to be a bit too orderly to be a full blown "artist".

I like things to be organized, even my Skittles. So when I discovered my calling into wedding and real estate photography, it all made sense. Everything that interested me as a little girl, why I was always on the Event Committee's in my corporate job, and how I can pull all that I have loved crafting and creating into my career that I am passionate about.

Fox + Vine Weddings

My passion is preserving wedding day memories and knowing each wedding day is unique. It is a cherished moment and the beginning of a long love story. 

Photography is a style...and is also a timeless capture of a moment. For more information on our wedding services: 817.203.4153 or

Fox +Vine Weddings