Do the work:

You're getting ready to move so do a little prep for photos. Why? Over 80% of buyers are looking for homes online, via their phone.

Yes, you can take photos with your cell phone or even that old point & shoot you had stored away, but what you don't know are the secrets of what a professional does to showcase your home at it's best.

Here are few things you can do to make it look it's best:

Clear your counter tops in your kitchen and baths. No one wants to see your toothbrush & lotion. Buyers are looking at counter tops, cabinets, flooring & configuration of walls. (Remember, kitchens & baths sell a house).

Take down personal tokens, such as religious emblems, monograms, etc. Buyers want to see themselves in your home & by taking some personalization out of it, it makes it easier for them to do that.

Pack away clutter. Make it easy for the viewer to walk through visually.

Mow the yard.

Replace burned out bulbs.

Turn ceiling fans off.

Open your blinds & let in natural light.

Put away the pets.

Remove cars from the driveway.

Doing these few little things before I arrive will make the process of photographing your home easier & showcases it best. Which brings more viewers online and in turn, more viewers to see your listing. You want more viewers because then you'll have more offers.

As my own personal client, I photographed my home & it brought in 94 showings in 2 days (12 hours each day) & 17 offers. We sold over asking.

Trust me, it works.

Read the reviews.

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