Floor Plan & 360 Tour

I had a fun listing today: A two story home with a large barn/shed in the back yard with a second story. I wanted to showcase this home at it's best and by linking it with a Zillow 360 linked tour with a floor plan, I am able to do that for the agent.

What is a Zillow 360 linked tour? Click HERE to read more!

This provides an addition of photography services we offer to agents.

When a potential buyer is searching through Zillow, this services gives the ability to view the listing in great detail by virtually walking through the property. Which is pretty cool, right?

You locate your spot on the floor plan & see the view from that area in the 360 tour.

Agents: the link for the 360 tour can be embedded in other websites & the floor plans downloaded the same as the stills, if in the event you are not connected with Zillow. SO many options! Call me with questions please.

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(Due to MLS rules & guidelines, this tour is currently private so you will not be able to go to Zillow & find it at this time.)