We have some great things to share!

We added two photographers to our team to continue our Real Estate coverage in the metroplex.

We tried out a scheduling platform that didn’t quite work out, but that’s ok…keep reading.

We grew with Continuing Education courses through our local, state and national photography guilds & finished out the year by reaching our goal on merits earned through Professional Photographers of America as well as 2nd place for COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR with Dallas Professional Photographers of America.

A little bit about our company.

I started this journey in 2013, after many years as a hobbyist, at the encouragement of my husband who saw in me an artist's untapped talent. I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue my love of photography. I leaned on my interior design education, logistical background and years of wedding experience. All crafts that I used in other endeavors for many years.

In the last 10 years since my leap, I have made many friends in the industry through national, state, and local photography guilds who have encouraged me and helped my business grow. We lift each other up even though we may be each other’s competition. It truly is an honor and a blessing to call them my friends.

In 2021, my husband and I decided to move to Granbury to be closer to parents who have been here for nearly 30 years. We’ve come to love this “small” town of ours as it has been a blessing to CFX. At the start of our new life here, I web searched for real estate photographers in the Granbury area and came up empty. Soon I jumped into the community by joining the Granbury Chamber of Commerce and Granbury Association of REALTORS. As I’ve been here however, I’ve learned of some very talented photographers and have connected with, built relationships with, and shared business.

As CFX has grown locally, we have also grown in the DFW market. After partnering with fellow photographers to cover Dallas and areas east, I am excited to announce that we added two photographers covering those territories, Stephanie and Trent.

With the ever evolving market changing, we again saw a need so we explored the available options to provide easy scheduling and enhanced marketing tools. The first pick ended shortly after launch. To be frank, it was a flop. Our new platform however, is solid from all perspectives and has been well received by our clients now using it.

Our first big change for 2024 is our pricing model.  We are moving our offerings to a “price per service” model instead of the previous “price by square foot”.  This should provide you with more consistent and predictable pricing and eliminate any sticker shock with larger properties and certainly be a help to you when working with your clients to provide them with excellent service.

Let's get started!

We’re going to start with the end product. Once your listing is photographed, we’ll deliver the media which could include photos, 360 tours, video, reels, etc. All depends on your selections. Click here to see a sample of the end delivery.


In addition to easy online scheduling & simple delivery options, you can take your listing information even further with our Marketing Kit. It’s pretty cool, check it out:


If you have stuck with me this far, we are saving the best for last.

For a limited time, we are offering FREE marketing kits to try out!

When booking your listing, use Promo Code at checkout:


NOW…let’s get your next listing scheduled:


Lastly, I appreciate your continued business & if the new platform seems daunting at first, which I can truly understand, let’s schedule a call & we will walk through it.