What's the difference?

Twilights photos show off outdoor lighting, views from indoor out of a sunset or sunrise and stop the scrolling of potential clients by bringing a different look to your listing. This is the perfect addition to your listing to bring a unique look to the content.

An actual twilight photo session will include returning before sunset to turn on interior & exterior lights, & multiple angles to accent any uplighting, path lights, etc. of you or your clients yard. Why is this important? A lot of time & effort goes into creating uplighting in trees, walk way lights, & outdoor sconces which are scenes we cannot capture during daylight. This is an add on service option to still photos & does include a surcharge starting at $50.

A virtual twilight offers a similar style but does give it a little bit of a different look than actual. This a great way to add an easy WOW factor to your listing photos without the added return trip fee. If there a lot of up-lighting of trees, accent lights around the home, etc., it would be better to do an actual twilight.

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