Why Professional Headshots?

With so much of our professional lives being conducted on the internet, having a professional portrait is incredibly important very several reasons.

Fist, when you invest in a photographer to capture your headshot, we know how to setup lighting that is the most flattering to your face structure.

In addition, we can size the final photo in a format that is most suitable for various platforms. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter....and on and on...all have different size requirements for their platforms.

Having an appropriate background void of distractions ranks pretty high up there as well. No cats, kids, or toilets. (We've all seen the epic fails)

Oh and then you can also use it for your dating profile!

We can coordinate hair and makeup if you prefer or we can take 10 minutes to snap one or two poses. It's very simple, affordable and most importantly, effective to showcase the best of you.

Let's get you scheduled today: carrie@cfxphoto.com or give me a ring at 817.223.6950!