Preparing Your Home for Professional Photos

You've made the decision to sell your home and you're getting ready to put it on the market. Your agent has setup a time to have professional photos taken so what do you do now? Here are a few suggestions to get the best capture of your home for the internet listing which is where you will get the most tours of your home. 

Before You List:

(These are all suggestions that may be in addition to any other basic home repairs, that may need to be done prior to your house going on the market.)

This suggestion is a doozie, so you'll want to really prepare. But you're getting ready to move, right? So get a jump on the process and start packing. Yes, packing. You'll want to remove as much personal details as possible. This means family photos, insignia's with your name or initials, religious symbols, etc. A potential buyer wants to be able to see themselves in your house and to do so, it needs to be as neutral as possible. 

Have a bright accent wall in the dining room? In the kids room? Time to bring it to a neutral pallet. Today's most popular neutral is "griege". I mix between beige and gray. It compliments anything and everything! 

Make sure all your lights have a working bulb. Including lamps. And make sure they work. If possible, try to have all the bulbs the same kelvin. Kelvin is the temperature. You may have noticed in the store the different tones. Some are warm, others cool. It doesn't really make a difference for photos, but does if they are all different. 

Try to reduce the amount of furniture to the basics. You may be moving because you've outgrown your space so don't let a lot of furniture fill up the rooms. You'll want to reduce that oversized sectional or pull some furniture out of the master if you can't move around. 

You're probably asking yourself, where am I going to put all this? If possible, your garage. If not, look into renting a pod or storage location temporarily. The effort you put into staging your home prior to listing has been proven to getting it sold faster.  

Trim hedges down and trees up. We want to be able to see your home from the street. A great guideline to tree maintenance is that the lowest branch should be no lower than the eave of the house (if it's an established tree of course.) 

Prior to the Photographer Arriving:

Have the yard mowed. 

Turn on all the lights and turn off all the ceiling fans. Open the curtains and turn the blinds up about 3/4 way (so the light is hitting the ceiling and not the floor). 

Make sure all barstools and chairs are equally spaced and turned the same direction into the table or barter.

Have any pet dishes, beds, and cages put away. Also have a place for your pets to go to stay out of the way of your photos. I mean, I LOVE animals and will play all day with them and even sneak in a photo, but you'll want a pet free photo for MLS. 

Clean off the counters. This includes the kitchen and bathrooms. Leave as little as possible on them. Suggestions for the bathroom are simply a soap dispenser. In the kitchen, put away as much as possible such as the toaster, canisters, etc. 

Move vehicles out of the driveway and not in front of the home on the street. 

Put all bulk trash receptacles in the garage or on the far back side of the house, including your recycle bin. Often the garage is not captured unless it is a showcase equal the rest of the house...such as a "man cave". 

Having all of these things done prior to your professional photos not only showcases your home, it also reduces the amount of time we need to be on your property. 

Hope you find these few tips helpful and best of luck on your new sale and new adventure!

Follow this link for a view of a well staged home:

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